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Sep 21, 2012
@ 7:19 pm

Cruising down the streets of LA I found myself often being like “WTF? Is that an El Mac and Retna production? On a gas station on the corner of Western Ave and Melrose in Hollyweird?”  Or in Venice beach being all, is that the The Art of Chase on a pupusa stand???? The LA graffiti scene has definitely upped it’s game since I lived there last in 97. And although many of the artists that inspire me today went legit they still rock public walls for all to see and enjoy. The artist Cache definitely got my attention with his revolutionary chickens, fist waving straight edge (or at least they brandish thick X marks on top of each fist) hooded rebels and bike riding kitties.  Props, LA graffiti! Today it truly Can’t Be Stopped and for all the haters and nay sayers who said Evil Kids were never going to amount to anything good, well now ya know ;p